This 2/2 home had been scheduled for demolition before Terry G. Green Architecture got hold of it. Originally built in 1957, the previous owners had bought it out of foreclosure and started to rehabilitate it before ultimately abandoning it mid-project.

Green Architecture scrapped the plans from the original remodel and started fresh.  On the inside all of the interior walls came down, opening the floor plan, and enlarging the two existing bedrooms.  The kitchen was redone with IKEA cabinetry and GFRC concrete countertops.  Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC were also replaced.

Outside the house, the original planned garage addition was redone to create the new master suite.  A new metal roof was added after the entire exterior was clad in 3.5-inch insulated board, which would help preserve the cypress ceilings inside.  All windows, doors and walls were updated to Florida hurricane code.

What ultimately completes the design is the connection between interior and exterior spaces.  Two existing groups of plants from the focal points – a large Banyan tree in the front and a cluster of Bamboo in the back.  Covered walkways connect the backyard to the rest of the house.

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