by John Hermansen

We were excited to have a flattering article written about our business, Ampersand Construction, last year by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. David Jennings approached the newspaper and indicated there might be a story, considering that we had no less than eight construction projects within 500 yards of one another in the Indian Beach-Sapphire Shores neighborhood, with four being on Brywill Circle. The newspaper article commented that we have tried, in recent years, to supplement our contracting services with additional revenue streams from proprietary products and services complementing contracting. One of those efforts has been to continue to find ‘projects’ when we have a concentration of work in an area. When we found 4844 Brywill, we knew we had an opportunity to bring back a property that most realtors and home buyers had given up on.

With the help of Terry Green Architects and David Jennings (Coldwell Banker), we value-engineered the project to fit our vision, budget and resale potential. Admittedly, we replaced everything in the house from plumbing to the roof as well as adding a garage and a guest house, but the result was better than we had hoped for. We pride ourselves on repurposing and remodeling rather than tearing down, if at all possible. We also were able to introduce a few of our newer products like concrete, kitchen counter tops, planters and furniture.

For the remodel, we have just been awarded the Gold from Professional Remodeler Magazine in their October Design Awards issue, which is a great honor considering it is a national publication. They awarded us the prize for the redesign, budget and execution of the project, which came together through the vision and synergy of Indian Beach-Sapphire Shores designing and building professionals.

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